Windows 10 Cloud Integration

windows 10 cloud integration

Windows 10 cloud integration ready. Microsoft is slowly moving towards the cloud, even with it’s flagship operating system. As part of the windows 10 setup, you will be prompted with the following screen.

Windows 10 cloud integration ready

“Who owns this PC?” if the computer you are setting up belongs to you personally or to an organization or school. Before windows 10 your only options were to login with a Microsoft account- which is usually personal, login locally or via a traditional corporation domain. The new option now is to login with an Azure Domain account, this is the account used to login to Office 365 which is Microsoft’s cloud solution for business.

With windows 10 cloud integration, you can now get rid of all your servers and just have laptops and computers for your employees. No more need for servers to run active directory, exchange servers, SQL servers etc. With everything in the cloud business can now focus on business.

Being in the industry for several years, it’s been a long time coming that Microsoft start moving towards cloud and subscription based services. As storage big data and storage needs become greater it makes sense to offload these requirements to dedicated resources which is cloud storage. From there all other supporting technologies would follow suit such as exchange for email and/or communication such as lync or skype for business. All these technologies once onsite and managed by IT are slowing becoming dedicated cloud services. This paradigm will reduce IT footprints within organizations and create a slimmer more focused business infrastructure.

IT will never disappear within an organization but it will require IT resources to become more business minded and add value that goes beyond typical  IT support.

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Posted on July 20, 2015 in Office 365, Windows 10

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