Office 365 assess your needs part 1

The toughest part is always starting. But…we’ve got you covered. We’ve perfected our on boarding process to ensure business migration to cloud solutions is smooth and easy.
1. Assess your needs

Every business has unique needs and pain points. We’ve decided to focus and invest in providing cloud solutions because we know I.T. can be difficult for a small business. With Office 365 any new or existing company can literally move their ENTIRE infrastructure to the cloud. When I mean infrastructure I mean infrastructure. With Office 365 there is no longer any need for any actual servers or local computers to run your business on (other than computers for your employees). With office 365 you can also get you own email name for your business I.e. For non-profit organizations office 365 and google apps for business are totally free for you. What that means is you get these premium products free in perpetuity. If your are not a non-profit there’s still great news! You can try out office 365 totally free before you buy it so you can ensure it truly meets your needs. In fact contact us and we will assist you during your free trial so you can make the most out of your trial period. We mainly support office 365 because of it’s complete business services offering. However, we also provide assistance for other cloud services like Google apps for business. So if you down right hate Microsoft products we can still service your needs. We will find your current weaknesses and strengths to determine the best approach to moving to a cloud solution.

Posted on August 5, 2015 in Business Intelligence, Exchange Online, Office 365, OneDrive For Business, SharePoint 2013, Skype For Business, Windows 10

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