Office 365 is Free For Churches

office 365 is free for churches

Office 365 is free for churches. Contact us today! and we can get you setup.

Okay! let’s be honest, churches aren’t the most technically advanced organizations. The core mission is bringing it’s constituents to salvation not focusing on technology. BUT, that can all change. As technology becomes easier and less expensive churches have every advantage any other company has in terms of utilizing and maximizing their reach and overall aligning with their core missions

With Microsoft’s FREE office 365 offering along with the new & FREE Windows 10, any church can have the latest and greatest technology behind them to ensure they have all the technical power and resources to help bring as many people to our Lord and Savior.

I know, probably the biggest questions is what do we do after we get it? we will help you use office 365 and windows 10 through setup, training, and on boarding with your staff. We will get you fully knowledgeable about the new technology.

As long as you are running windows 7 or 8 on your computers already windows 10 is FREE! & as long as your a non-profit organization office 365 is FREE. Office 365 comes with:

Office – for productivity like writing sermons with word or using PowerPoint for slides etc…

Exchange/Outlook – so the church can have it’s own emails ie:

SharePoint – for team collaboration between ministries for example

OneDrive for Business – Ton’s of online space to share and keep documents

Skype for business (Lync) – for office communication needs from using as a phone system to remote meetings with others colleagues.

We can help and assist you in all areas to make sure all the FREE services are fully utilized within your church.

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