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Office 365 Video

This video highlights the main areas of office 365. The video provides quick demos of outlook web app, lync online presense and IM, office web apps and SharePoint online.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint online is one of the major components that make up office 365. In this video we talk about downloading, uploading and syncing documents from your desktop to SharePoint online.

windows 10 cloud integration

Windows 10 Cloud Integration

Windows 10 cloud integration ready. Microsoft is slowly moving towards the cloud, even with it’s flagship operating system. As part of the windows 10 setup, you will be prompted with the following screen. “Who owns this PC?” if the computer you are setting up belongs to you personally or to an organization or school. Before…

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office 365 is free for churches

Office 365 is Free For Churches

Office 365 is free for churches. Contact us today! and we can get you setup. Okay! let’s be honest, churches aren’t the most technically advanced organizations. The core mission is bringing it’s constituents to salvation not focusing on technology. BUT, that can all change. As technology becomes easier and less expensive churches have every advantage…

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