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SharePoint 2013 Electronic Signatures

In this video I show how to achieve electronic signatures within SharePoint 2013. Being one of the first steps in having paperless environment, electronic signatures allows your organization to streamline processes and reduce over time to get things signed and processed.

SharePoint Expense Form

Here’s a SharePoint expense form that takes a lot of the guess work out of who should sign for a particular item given the total cost of the request. Also, the form shows electronic signatures and how your signatory signs the form electronically

Office 365 Business Intelligence (Power BI)

Business intelligence is one of the greatest benefits you can achieve when using SharePoint online for Office 365. Power BI for Office 365 is the newest business intelligence component coming to SharePoint Online for Office 365. In this video I demo the Power BI Preview and its functionality. Primarily Power BI is composed of excel…

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